5 comments on “20 Corrections staff who could have been prosecuted over the death of Jai Davis

  1. When is the inquest into the prisoner who suicided there last year? Also when will we hear about the changes made in relation to last year’s escapee from same facility? Feeling confident in the Otago Corrections Facility just 3km down road. NOT!


  2. There are laws for some and different laws for others. It seems the higher you go the least you will get charged with. Thats the problem with this system – one law for you and a different one for me -because the law has no one to answer to.


  3. We are still trying to unravel the events leading to Richard Barriball’s suicide at OCF in 2010, so far we have had an apology from a guy Lightfoot, which quotes one of the 24 factual errors in the HDC report as a change in policy, police statements showing a doctor and nurse being less than honest and other documents showing the medical centre manager to be dishonest or stupid or may be both.
    Every document we get from corrections show more discepencies .Where will it end?the police and HDC dont seem interested, so if there are any corrections people reading this feel free to contact us to discuss what we have.


  4. Here’s Bevon Hanlon’s comments on National Radio

    Corrections union comments on National Radio expose the real issue here….roughly paraphrased, Jai was the victim of his own actions, and the descision not to prosecute is reasonable.
    What crap, the police and corrections knew Jai was concealing,both the police and corrections having taken all Jai’s freedoms had a duty of care which they chose to relinquish .
    If Corrections and Police staff actions were a result of systemic failure accountability should go up the food chain to the managers who’s job it is to ensure staff are aware of and follow procedures.


  5. of course there is always the civil route – there are a number of potential causes of action to be explored including against the department – breaches of the New Zealand bill of rights Act. There area number of precedents for this both in nz and internationally

    or the prospect of a private prosecution.

    Yes these options require funds and a well-meaning lawyer … or we can just continue to wring our hands a


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