5 comments on “Prison deaths linked to Corrections refusal to employ sufficient doctors

  1. Ever thought about taking a private prosecution against Corrections for breach(es) of the Crimes Act? That might wake their ideas up a bit.


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  3. The level of health care for all prisoners is abysmal. For some transgender prisoners there is a legislative provision specifically denying them treatment.


  4. Recognition of poor medical services in prison is glossed over by Corrections. Judges, until relatively recently, have been reluctant to openly concede this. The Ombudsman’s Report on prisons highlights inequality.

    I’m involved, primarily, with transgender prisoners in my pro bono work. However, I’m interested in collecting information about deprivation of the medical care that can be expected on the outside. Last year, with the assistance of the Equal Justice Project, our TransAdvocates team successfully lobbied for a change in laws allowing transgender women who hadn’t had surgery to go to women’s prisons.

    There are other issues this year which TransAdvocates wants to pursue regarding prison health care. We have represented individual clients in the past and continue to do so. However, we want to put our efforts into lobbying which, to date, has been very effective. If anyone wants to share information with me on whatever confidentiality basis they want, send me an email at ellis.law@xtra.co.nz.

    Kelly Ellis


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