2 comments on “Torture in New Zealand 3 – prison doctors forced to breach medical ethics

  1. The only good prison doctor I’ve ever come across was Drauzio Varela http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drauzio_Varella

    I remember seeing one in Waikeria in about 1981, who did an admission interview about my drug addiction. He was so ignorant and disinterested that I couldn’t even be bothered taking his questions seriously. When he asked what drugs I had been taking, but didn’t know the difference between opiates and amphetamines, I just said “Anything I can get my hands on.” Thank god I didn’t need any treatment from him.


  2. I believe medical torture is most probably far more widespread than most could imagine. I think of it as a part of ‘stealth torture’ which is considerably diverse and complex. Most all of this torture involves making use of the social structures, emotions, peer pressure and places like prisons and military establishments, which are very amenable to such things. Other than stealth torture we have things like extraordinary rendition and its much less known opposite ‘gate keeper’ torture. This is where the developed world pay dictators and so-forth to deal very harshly with large numbers of those who would try to gain entry to such developed countries. We all need better standards regarding such issues as torture; the current situation in Syria is a quintessential example of this; Syrian authorities have in past been the recipients of many extraordinary renditions. Now our leaders what us to stand against the Syrian leadership. Anyone who is on the ground in Syria can only fight to the death, whoever they are; anyone who does not fight to to death will surely be tortured to death along with anyone with him or her.


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