5 comments on “Detective who wanted to prosecute prison staff taken off case

  1. What more can one seriously expect from those serving the Crown corporation. I would expect he may even get a promotion, he has proven his loyalty to the dead Crown and will be rewarded for his blind allegiance and willingness to harm the living.


  2. To expect any other outcome is unrealistic. Our history is filled with many similar examples of institutional dishonesty covering up for the equally dishonest actions of another branch of that same dishonesty. I have seen examples where police have been presented with absolutely irrefutable evidence against Corrections staff. Their response is not to go forward and do their job but to do whatever it takes to avoid a prosecution.

    The answer in this case is probably a private prosecution, but is that likely to happen. The Howard League aren’t likely to take up that challenge, so who is? No point in talking about it, just do it.

    Interesting that currently two inmates have private criminal prosecutions underway against different Corrections staff. A challenging task at the best of times and even more so with the lack of resources and obstruction that they will surely face. Yet those with the resources to do something about it sit and ponder…..


  3. I say a good result all around. How about a bit of personal responsibility and don’t have drugs up you ass and you will be OK.


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