7 comments on “Solicitor General and police use fabricated evidential test to avoid prosecuting prison officers

  1. You can ‘t seriously believe that the police response and investigation was going to be anything but a whitewash, just as I predicted on day one. Who is going to have the guts to pick up and run with a private prosecution?


  2. fucking stupid clowns aren’t they telling more lies to cover lies to cover more lies to cover more lies ….. blah blah blah easier to tell the truth act honourably and rid humanity of this fucking big pain in the ass Crown


  3. It is possible after the event, and especially after an inquest, to discern what ought, or might have been done.

    We do not have flawless processes, either in the public, or the private sector. The issue of culpability, in my view, is the essential one. If there is a failure in ‘best practise’ was it a systemic failure- in training, or in staff selection- or was there one or more individual failures of practise…

    …there was a high degree of culpability, in this situation, on the part of the deceased.


    • I agree Davis is ‘culpable’ for consuming the drugs. But he is not responsible for the fact that no one bothered to help him. It was definitely possible to discern what should have been done at the time – when he was clearly under the influence of drugs – and ‘looked like a corpse’ according to one officer who testified. Someone should have called the ambulance.


    • Yes, Davis has is a high degree of culpability, however Corrections staff failed in their duty of care. Some staff were concerned and alerted medical staff, medical staff proceeded to do nothing. Not even follow their own procedures. Hindsight is a great thing, but this case has nothing to do with hindsight, it has to do with disrespect, total lack of care and corrections staff falsifying records, lying and total disregard for a man that was put in an isolated room and even when he asked for assistance, non was forthcoming. Where is the accountability of Corrections staff?


  4. The use of the Ultra sound scanners they have in hospitals To check on Development of Baby would have Shown the Drugs in his Body .only takes a Few Minutes to Scan the stomach or Bowels no Need to wait a day or two…


  5. Reblogged this on Lauda Finem and commented:
    I think that it was only yesterday that Police commissioner Mike Bush was advising his fellow New Zealanders of how the country’s police force had made significant “behind the scenes” changes in the way it did business in 2014 – that the leopard had changed it’s spots. Looking at the evidence contained in this article its more likely been a case of the old dog having learnt a few new tricks.


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