3 comments on “Police excuse for prisoner’s death – we didn’t read our emails!

  1. It would appear that the law of the land does not apply to the corrections department or the NZ Police. This does not represent a democracy but appears to follow the same regime as a communist run country. Where is the integrity of the Government to allow this sloppy slap hazard approach to work ethic. We are suppose to trust these departments on a number of accounts, but they continually fall well short.


  2. couldn’t agree more peter. I have seen first hand how people are treated in both OCF and Invercargill prisons and I wouldn’t treat my dog to some of the things I have seen in these places, i am not a violent person and was only in for driving offences but it makes no difference to the staff that treat you all like murderers and gang members. I was very unhappy to hear about Jai as I went to school with him and he was a good guy and didn’t deserve to go that way when they all knew and could have helped him


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