Judith Collins’ staff censoring wikipedia articles on justice issues in NZ?

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon. This was in response to revelations in the NZ Herald that the police have seized nearly $150 million worth of homes, cars, boats, cash, jewellery and other valuables under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act.  When the legislation was passed in December 2009, the Government said the seizures would be used to fund additional alcohol and drug treatment for criminal offenders. Four years later, no money has been made available.

RadioNZ wanted to interview the Minister of Justice,  Judith Collins, to ask her why none of the money had been passed on. She wasn’t available so they interviewed me instead. After the interview, the producer came up to me and said that someone from Judith Collins’ office had made it very clear to them that, even though she was not available, Collins did not want them to talk to me. When the producer asked her why, Collins said it was because she didn’t approve of articles I had edited on wikipedia about the New Zealand justice system.

Banned from editing Wikipedia

I found it hard to believe that Judith Collins would really be concerned about anything on wikipedia – until I found edits being made by someone calling herself JC press sec. Most editors on wikipedia use pseudonyms – but ‘JC press sec’ – that was just too obvious. Then there’s Clarke43. Whoever he (or she) is, Clarke43 has also done a lot of editing on the Judith Collins page on wikipedia and has systematically deleted much of the material I contributed to other articles. On a personal discussion page (known as a Talk page) Clarke43 wrote: “I don’t feel for the sake of anyone who uses wikipedia that we can leave some of these pages in the state they are in now.” Is Judith Collins using taxpayers’ money to get her staff to edit wikipedia articles to her liking?

Then I got banned from editing wikipedia altogether. Shortly after that most of the pages that I had contributed to were shredded. An article I wrote on Legal Aid in New Zealand was shortened from this comprehensive version to this short stub. A detailed article on the Sensible Sentencing Trust and its links with National and the Act Party was shortened from this to this.  Substantial cuts have also been made to articles about the New Zealand Police, the Department of Corrections, the Independent Police Conduct Authority, the Government Communication Security Bureau, Crime in New Zealand, Corruption in New Zealand, the Ministry of Justice, the Accident Compensation Corporation and David Bain. For obvious reasons, these are all articles that Judith Collins might have an interest in.

Banned by prison manager

It looks like someone is trying to shut me up.  Even the manager at Rimutaka prison is having a go. Here’s the story.  I’ve been going into Rimutaka prison for 15 years. Normally when I have to see an inmate, I make an appointment and then show my driver’s licence at the gatehouse. About three months ago, one of the officers on duty commented that because I was a regular visitor, I should apply for a Special Visitor’s pass. So I did.

This should have been a routine matter. But to my surprise, about six weeks later I received a letter from Chris Burns, the Prison Manager. He said my application for the Special Visitors ID was declined because of a story which appeared in the Upper Hutt Leader in which I criticized the Department for wasting $13 million on cell phone blocking technology. The article pointed out that the number of cell phones confiscated from prisoners had more than doubled since the technology was installed. It contained this brief quote: “Drug and alcohol counsellor Roger Brooking, who helps inmates at Wellington prisons, said jamming technology had not stopped prisoners from using cellphones in prison and described the project as a ‘failed strategy’.”

I thought New Zealanders had freedom of speech – according to the Bill of Rights we do.  But Judith Collins and Chris Burns don’t seem to think so. Mr Burns declined my application for being “critical of the way the Department operates in regard to stopping prisoners using cell phones in prison”.  How bizarre. But guess what. Information about the failure of the cell phone blocking technology was then deleted from the wikipedia page about the Corrections Department. This is called censorship!

But what I really want to know is – how does Judith Collins know what I’m doing on wikipedia? I don’t use my real name – I use a pseudonym. Does that mean the GCSB is watching me? No that’s illegal – and surely the GCSB would never break the law. Yeah right!

Read more at  Suppressing free speech and editing Wikipedia. Is that why we pay taxes, Mrs Collins?

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15 thoughts on “Judith Collins’ staff censoring wikipedia articles on justice issues in NZ?

  1. Check Collins f/b page. Have you applied under the OIA to see if you are one of those spied on?


    1. can’t find Collins page on f/b, as yet I don’t feel the need to find out Ana but there is that curiosity factor building hehehe how would you know if they are telling you the truth or not if they replied?


  2. excellent work Roger I will be watching your posts in future with avid interest, wikipedia is no longer a place of entirely reliable information, they can write history the way “they” want us to see it as they have been doing for so long with our mainstream media and education system and our justice system you name a system that doesn’t have their grubby stamp on it!


    1. What’s happening on wikipedia is small fry compared to what the NSA is up to. Edward Snowden is a bloody hero – I would give him a medal – preferably the Congressional Medal of Honor – the highest US award available.


      1. I would absolutely agree with that Roger NSA data must amount to peta-petabytes over the time they have been operating. I agree that whistleblowers are heroes but medals are really accolades for those who serve the agenda, not sure about the E Snowden thing it may be another co intel job like wikileaks being financed by George Soros I am led to understand, whilst the wikileaks information is out there it doesn’t appear to have made a whole lot of difference to the way the US govt is conducting itself, it looks to be getting even more brazen in its’ dictatorial and murderous intent.


  3. Very interesting and scary stuff!! Did u confront Collins or her office about this to elicit a confirmation or denial?


  4. Check if the times of the edits are during business hours if you want to pursue the “using taxpayers’ money to get her staff to edit wikipedia articles to her liking” angle. If it’s using taxpayers’ money to get her staff to edit wikipedia articles to her liking”. Doesn’t Wiki also log the ip address?


  5. Judith Collins is literally toxic to democracy as enshrined the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not merely content to manufacture consent against “the left,” with robber Barron’s like Jacson and his Hollywood paymasters, the attack on social welfare, etc… They now are shutting down The Forth Estate. Not in my worst nightmares, did I think I would study my old country, as a example of a Fascist State…. 😦


    1. Good point. I would update it if I weren’t still blocked. The block is indefinite – I am blocked for life for my numerous sins on wikipedia, apparently the greatest of which is to blog about wikipedia…? Weird eh?


  6. Same thing on this side of the ditch, with Schapelle Corby, Govt running scared truth will prevail, huge campaigns to dissuade public opinion, includes editing wiki. See Gerry Georgatis the stringer, or expendable tv.


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