6 comments on “Dead prisoners don’t complain about their medical treatment

  1. Thanks Roger. You raise these issues our society would prefer you didn’t in a clear, rational and non-emotional way even though they reach to the heart of our vulnerability. Thank you.


    • One of the reasons it happens is because New Zealand is a very punitive society. We seem to like locking people up. And out of sight is out of mind – we don’t seem to care how prisoners are treated.


  2. One could argue “If you can’t do the time don’t commit the crime”, “lock them up & throw away the key” & “Why waste more taxpayer dollars on criminals”, etc.. Such proponents choose to ignore the fact that there are a huge number of innocent people in our prisons – and an even greater number who are in prison for “victimless” (politically expedient), or petty crimes. But there is an even greater crime – that of crimes against humanity which you so ably highlight here. Every prisoner, whether innocent or guilty, political or criminal, is someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister or father, mother. That one person dies every three weeks (and dozens more suffer) while in their care should be cause for concern; the humane treatment of persons placed in their care should be the number one priority of the Department of Corrections. Who watches the watchers?


  3. How can these so called nurses call themselves nurses? They need reported to the Nursing Council and they need to get there registrations taken off them. They are despicable people taking out their power and control issues on vulnerable people. What they are doing is more criminal then probably what the so called prisoners have done. Who is governing these people in the Health Centres or are the Managers there as dishonest and unprofessional as the so called nurses?


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