5 comments on “High priced Crown Prosecutors rorting the system

  1. With the recent changes in criminal procedure, the number of judge-alone prosecutions will increase. Rape – maximum 20 year, and class A drug-dealing charges (maximum life), can now be determined by judge-alone, for example.


  2. They’re part of the system, Roger. They would see this as reward rather than rip off. We were taught at school that the adversarial justice system as practised by the British is the greatest justice system ever. Having seen how it works, and having a friend who is a Brazilian judge, I think it’d be lucky to get fourth place. Our court system is like a game of footy with a crooked referee. At most, the judge gets to decide which side has told the most convincing lies. Since the prosecution usually has vastly more resources, they generally win. Crown prosecutors are richly rewarded for taking part in this farce. It wouldn’t work otherwise, and some form of justice might sneak in, unwanted. We can’t have that.


  3. I’m not sure how pro bono is allocated but I know a civil case where the plaintiffs evidence is so weak yet they have managed to get to defend an appeal against them (which they lost) all through pro bono. Now they have applied to get a hearing at the Supreme Court. Whether they one or not is immaterial. They will manage it solely on pro bono. Of course some of the costs of getting that far are not pro bono but it happens to be an iwi organistation using up iwi resources and damn their beneficiaries.


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