4 comments on “Escalating suicide and violence in New Zealand prisons

  1. Roger, It is a shame that such good insight is not finding any fertile ground. The Pollies and management have put on blinkers and hardened themselves against reality, hoping it will go away. As long as Judith Collins is anywhere near the Justice system in NZ there will never be compassionate justice. They are blinded by the fear of their own fears. There are none so blind as those who don’t want to see.


    • These problems are not caused by prisoners on medication. It has more to do with medication not being available.

      Research on the prevalence of ADHD suggests there are over 3,000 prisoners in NZ who may have this problem. In 2012 only 17 were on ritalin or any equivalent. The prison often takes prisoners off drugs that have been prescribed by specialists before they were sent to prison – including ritalin and opiate painkillers.

      In my experience, the prison service thinks all drugs are addictive and is not keen on letting prisoners have any – except paracetamol. Its often the lack of medication that contributes to suicide..


  2. The inhumane treatment of human beings in New Zealand prisons which consists of harassment, oppression, denial of medication, denial of social contact, denial of recreational activities, denial of educational and physical activities, excessive punishment, denial of nutritious healthy diets,locking up people in cells that measure 6ft x 8ft for 24/7 ignoring cries for help, denial of rehabilitation and proper care management programmes are the everyday facts of how the Department Of Corrections manages prisoners.
    Somehow it makes sense that people get angry, resentful, hostile and compelled to fight back. After all if you caged an animal in this way it would be deemed cruel and the animal may become vicious.


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