4 comments on “The prison health system – maybe it’s not torture, but it hurts like hell

  1. I think this is generically known as ‘stealth torture’ although there are many variations of this. It posses the question, what is crime, is there a line in the sand that defines this?


  2. At a management and staffing level the entire Corrections system has one common factor. Those who work within it are dysfunctional individuals who have little humanity and lack cognitive skills.

    The nurses who work within prisons are very much part of that category and often have failed to survive in either the public or private health sector. One thing Corrections is very good at is employing people who are unemployable.

    With such an overall low quality of staff is it a wonder the prison health system is focused solely on budget with no regard for the health and wellbeing of the population they are there to provide health care for?

    Undoubtably the Ministry of health does need to take (quality) control of the prison health system and bring about some major reforms. I would suggest that the first of these would be to get rid of mano of the incumbent nurses who serve but one master and are under the control of a custody and punishment focused management.

    No doubt this is a move that Corrections will oppose for it would allow “outsiders” inside prison walls and run the risk that somebody with integrity and honest might get to see what really goes on.


    • hi, where you from? i like to know who you are coz i just been to prison health services team and yes, there i have one or two unemployable co-worker. or should i say just actually one lazy, rude and smelly indian guy. but the other nurses i worked with amazes me. i thought i am smart because i stand out from a private health sector where i came from. no. i was wrong. plenty smart hard working individuals are there. atleast here in my workplace. i dont know in other places thus i’d like to know where you from so i will know whether you have bases in what are you saying and in that manner, i will pay attention not to associate myself in that facility when i transfer.


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