7 comments on “Life is cheap in New Zealand prisons – the suicide of Kerry Joll

  1. Disgusting. Someone should be made accountable. Who was on watch that day? Surely that should be a K P I at Salary Review time – I hope all the suicides were not under the same guards watch.


  2. It is sad that in New Zealand the opportunity is not taken to make positive changes in the lives of offenders. While not all offenders can be rehabilitated – many can and there are many long term savings to be made – financially and in emotional cost.


  3. New Zealand is backward when it comes to monitoring what goes on in prisons and youth offender instituitions. This also includes probation and other services paid for and run by Corrections.

    The United Kingdom has got it right. There are up to 20 organisations who contribute to monitoring prisons one of which is H.M.Prison inspectorate. The Inspectorate publishes the results of its unannounced and announced inspections. Areas like segregation and punishment are given careful scrutiny. Prison condition issues are identified, remedied or at least acknowledged. Corrections are not left to their own devices to monitor themselves.

    New Zeland NEED TO SEE ANNUALLY WHAT NZ PRISON INSPECTORS ARE DOING (OR NOT DOING). At the moment there is little published info about what they are doing. I believe Corrections staff are routinely getting away with murder, bullying, dishonesty and an appalling Inspectorate seems more like a offshoot of the Prison Officers staff association, protecting members interests rather than an independent genuine monitoring organisation. ITS TIME THE NZ CORRECTIONS DODGY PRISON INSPECTORS ARE EXPOSED AS CORRUPT SELF SERVING CRIMINALS WHO FEEL JUSTIFIED IN DENYING HUMAN RIGHTS TO PRISONERS !!


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