8 comments on “How police and probation harass prisoners on parole – the case of Tony Maude

  1. I can’t believe this. It seems like a waste of police and probation time to me; quite apart from the on going injustice. Here is someone who was going his utmost to resolve some serious drug issues and getting no assistance or common sense responses from the two agencies involved.The Courts did well to point out the discrepancies in Mr. Maude’s treatment.


  2. Police harassment does not only occur when people are on parole. My son and our lives were made a misery by the police when he was placed on bail. Every night, not day the police would arrive at our home to check that our son had not absconded. These nocturnal visits took place anytime from midnight and throughout the night randomly. The policeman would arrive like the gestapo and march down our decking to the front door, stomping as loudly as possible and making as much noise as possible, causing our dogs to bark in the process and hammer as loudly as possible on the front door with their fist.

    On one occasion I objected to the objectionable manner that this particular policeman was checking up on my son. I explained that he was being inconsiderate and that it was not necessary to be so loud and objectionable when checking, we lived as a family in a family home. He disagreed that his visit was inconsiderate and told me I only had my son to blame and that I should speak to him about it as he was only doing his job. I replied you may be doing your job but you do not need to carry it out in such a way that it is offensive.


  3. Sadly the parole system is setup to be proactive of failure it appears to thrive on failure, encourage negative behaviour rather than the opposite. This also applies to home detention, when I tried to pull all stops to prevent my son going to prison the head of probationary services advised me that sometimes it is best to let people serve a prison sentence rather than do home detention! I found this remark extraordinary.

    When home detention is served again the police and the probationary services exercise negative, apathetic, unsupported and detached attitudes. This can include provoking remarks in conversation, unpleasant remarks which are derogatory and discouraging, failing to provide work, community services and activities to occupy a person and expecting them to sit at home for 24/7 within the first four weeks of the sentence.
    It would take little or no effort to apply a positive attitude and do the opposite to what they currently do which is SFA.


  4. Could it be that the system at this point has had so much failure and news media coverage on those failures that it goes over board to make sure nothing goes wrong, hence crippling anyone that is trying to make ago of things or anyone that they think could possibly cause a disruption?


  5. Parole boards take recommendations from the probation service and the Police, this is so flawed and you have absolutely no reply to their comments. I offered a home for a cousin for parole the probation service told me that they thought it was a good idea and it would receive a favourable report, the Police opposed it , and it was turned down because I was recovering from a depression after several operations and Cancer……. three months on my cousin has been told by the correction department to apply for accommodation at the local night shelters in Wellington, some five hours away from where I am. I might add his family are all in Brisbane, and i am the only relative he talks to, and has anything to do with……. who is setting whom up to fail here, the corrections department need to gone through like a dose of salts,,, come on the night shelter what is wrong with this people wake up.


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