3 comments on “Financial crisis solved – govt finds $900 million for new prison

  1. This is absurd. Legalise cannabis, create industries which will boost New Zealands economy and benefit the environment while at the same time freeing up 100’s of places in prisons across the country making this billion dollar farce totally unnecessary.

    I wonder how much money SERCO spends lobbying the government to keep cannabis illegal? What sort of pressure must they be applying to cause common sense to go out the window?


  2. The trouble with awarding the contract to SERCO shows no faith in the way public prisons are run. To award a 25 year contract will cause operating costs to rise. It costs around $135000 per year to keep one prisoner in jail now so just watch this space. I would expect the cost to rise to $200000 if not more. This is a private enterprise; there aim is to make a profit. Employee conditions, prisoner conditions will suffer.
    SERCO have only been in charge of the new Auckland prison for about 12-18 months and have has 2 escapes. SERCO have shown that they cannot run prisons in other countries, Google them and find out how badly they run prisons in England and Australia. If the National Govt loses the next election the incoming Govt will be locked into honouring the balance of the contract. THIS IS A BLATENT SLAP IN THE FACE TO NZ AS A WHOLE..


  3. Wow. National clamp down on drugs but want to build another ambulance at the bottom of the hill. and a faulty capitalist one at that. I wonder who is getting the throwbacks from this. rather than spending millions on prisoners using an archaic 19th century rehabilitation system is it not time to move forward? we fight wars on drugs but there is no real money for community drug treatment. imagine a billion over the next twenty years being spent on real drug rehabilitation, which without any war on drugs is futile. or health and education targeted at thoes most likely to be at risk of commiting crime. i guess we cannot talk about that. come on national. I thought you were all retards you have just confirmed that.


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