2 comments on “The MIRP doesn’t work

  1. In my opinion, one reason the prison courses don’t work, among many, is they are designed to treat the symptom but never the condition. A young man I met inside 20 yrs old, was identified as having a problem with drugs and alcohol…….and they were attempting to treat that in a classroom style with others, which is fine but he was getting into trouble because his father died when he was nine, his mother turned to drink to escape, and he at nine and ten had to learn to steel to live as there was never any food in the cupboard or fridge……it became learnt behaviour, and then escaping reality no other physc treatment was offered in conjunction they treat the symptom not the condition or reason why?????


  2. It comes down to the individual themselves, if they want to make a change they will do it and if not well…..the program has it flaws, but all in all I think it is a good program that has been well thought out….now depending on your facilitators and there ability to connect with an audience that don’t really want to be there let alone speak about personal issues that most of them wouldn’t want to talk about in front of there mates…..once that’s done this program does have the tools required to start making positive changes…..as for myself I have to agree with Peter….I did this program and I still had a couple of years one on one with a criminal psychologist…..M.I.R.P helped me realize i had a lot of issues but as Peter said if I hadn’t of had one on one therapy I would be back in jail…….I been out just over two years and I’m not going back…..I am 42 and I have spent over 16 years locked down my first cop chase in a stolen car was six years old crime is all I have ever known……An individual can make better choices when he given the ability to create more options, if not he will always resort to what he knows best to survive……


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