12 comments on “Prisoners bored to death and forced to sleep in the toilet – the case of Trevor Ludlow

  1. Never mind the fact that he is bored and has nothing to do, what about the people that CAN’T do anything because this guy swindled them out of their retirement saving, he should think of them first and himself second. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever!!!!


  2. Trouble is that if they don’t receive any rehabilitation, they’ll just re-offend when they get out. Your response is about who to blame and who to have sympathy for – but this has nothing to do with sympathy. It has to do with minimising the chances of future re-offending and thereby avoiding further victims.


  3. I hope Tom Haaijema ends up in prison one day so he can see what utter rubbish he is spouting. With NACT in government and the expansion of police powers, this is quite possible. As far as prisons go, why do we choose to follw the worst model in the world (US and A) which is demonstrably failing and not look at countries with policies that actually work in terms of rehabilitation, low recidivism, safer societies etc, such as Finland?


  4. Not sure what you mean Charles. Even children have (human) rights – long before they have any responsibilities. And prisoners need rehabilitation to reduce their risk of re-offending. I’m not sure if that’s a right – but its certainly sensible and practical and helps protect society in the future. What we need to change is to get more prisoners into education and rehabilitation.


  5. “What we need to change is to get more prisoners into education and rehabilitation.”

    That’s true, we do but we also need to scrutinize the programs far more to see if they actually work. Past, so called experts have had a monopoly on the field of rehabilitation without showing any workability hence the current situation. Peter Gluckman’s report gives some insight into that. Peter has pointed out that they don’t work but wouldn’t have a clue why they don’t work and even goes on to suggest more unworkable programs, all because he has been allocated a position as an expert not because he has delivered anything thing that works. If you have something that works, lets see the history of it. The wild experiments at the expense of the tax payer and the guinea pigs [inmates] has to stop.

    Large holes’ in programmes
    Sir Peter Gluckman on Wednesday presented the results of an 18-month study commissioned by John Key into high levels of teen suicide, drug use, delinquency and pregnancy.Sir Peter says many government programmes are not based on evidence, while other programmes proven to be effective have not been put in place.He says he had assumed that high school courses about sex, drugs and alcohol, as well as those teaching life skills were effective – but the evidence shows they are not.The report also finds wilderness experiences, boot camps and restorative justice programmes generally do little to help teenagers and they need a thorough assessment.Prime Minister John Key has welcomed the report on Wednesday, but insists the bootcamps are working.


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  7. I think what you are all forgetting is the there is more than one definition to victim – I am not implying that offenders are victims but their families are and while the hard nose, let them suffer approach might make you think they are getting what they deserve, until you have seen someone you care about in Prison then keep quiet and inexperianced view is an uneducated one and words from the mouth of those uneducated on a topic is nothing but pure vile. People in prison do have rights and so do their families, we have the right to know that the people we care about, even though they have made shitty decisions are safe and ok.


  8. Criminals were usually victims before they became criminals – victims of poverty, broken homes, parental violence, parental alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse – the list goes on…


  9. The other thing people seem to forget is the people in Mt Eden are meant to be “presumed to be innocent.” I sat in court the other day as a witness but was unable to testify as the judge said it was only a “bail hearing” and as I had not made an affidavit he could not accept my information. He could only consider what was written on paper in front of him. So in my eyes this person is on remand for something he didnt do and was expected to remain there till July which was the earliest time they could scedule another bail hearing.


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