One comment on “How to cut the prison population by 50% – long term solutions

  1. Totally agree with your “…until we have a Government with the courage to ignore the moral panic perpetuated by the Senseless Sentencing Trust…” declaration. The prison population will never reduce as long as the government puts the responsibility for achieving those reductions on the Dept of Corrections. Corrections mismanagement often keeps people in prison longer than they should be there by fouling up the parole system.

    However, Corrections doesn’t send people to prison – Judges do that in response to pressure brought to bear by followers of McVicar and his SST clowns. Reduction needs to start with fixing the faults within Ministry of Justice. Given that Andrew Little is now the Minister there is a possibility for that to happen. National Ministers Power, Collins & Adams were responsible for causing the current mess over the last decade so it might take a while to fix that, however, Andrew is also Treaty Negotiations Minister …

    In September 2017 Maori accounted for 50.7% of the prison population (Dept of Corrections quarterly prison statistics) so the most expedient solution would be to force the Maori Hierarchy to use the Treaty Settlement millions to actually help their own. Andrew as Treaty Negotiations Minister may be able to exert some pressure in that direction starting with making Tribes responsible first of all for providing “half-way houses and reintegration services” for their own people followed by investing in measures to reduce Maori offending.


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