12 comments on “11 out of 12 rehabilitation programmes in prison not working – at a cost of $159 million a year

  1. Lack of reintegration support is a Corrections policy and released inmates are highly likely to return to prison within a short time because they are easy targets for police who have no hesitation in fitting them up for any crime they choose. Whilst I was inside I met guys who deliberately reoffended to get back inside because trying to survive on the outside on WINZ benefits was impossible whilst being constantly hounded by police and corrections staff. Businesses depend on repeat customers to survive and our Prison System is no different. Reducing reoffending is not on Ray Smith’s agenda and never will be.


    • “Reducing reoffending is not on Ray Smith’s agenda and never will be.”

      It is on his agenda but like Roger states the programs just don’t work. The latest line of programs were introduced because the one’s before that didn’t work and so the fairy tail goes back 4 decades.
      Long before Ray Smith or Judith Collins was around.


  2. Prison system is not designed to rehabilitate. That is crap that politicians feed gullible voters and SST followers. First thing Smith & Collins did when she took over from Sam was get extra funding to support the excess muster. The problems lie outside prisons not inside.


    • If you read the article it states the programs don’t work. It doesn’t say they are not available or Corrections are not supplying the programs. The programs never did work and haven’t done for decades.


        • Okay. Brian was at 2 parole board meetings. There may not be enough unworkable programs for everyone to do that doesn’t mean they now work. THE ARTICLE STATES THE PROGRAMS DON’T WORK. Are you saying they do work or there are just not enough unworkable programs to go around. Could you identify yourself as posting as genegem doesn’t give you much credibility, no matter what you say? Thanks.


          • I have not commented on programs, simply stated: “Prison system is not designed to rehabilitate” and you know that’s the truth but having a website prevents you acknowledging facts. I spent 22 months inside for crimes I did not commit before being released after successful appeal details of which are subject to a CoA Prohibition Order. When you have walked a mile in my shoes you might have some credibility. Unlike you, Roger and I have seen the realities from the inside.


            • “Unlike you, Roger and I have seen the realities from the inside.”

              Okay. Thanks. You don’t know me so please don’t pretend you do.


  3. I believe the issue is related to the Corrections philosophy of putting the most resources into the more severe and repeat offenders instead of only offering the DTUs to those who are genuinely motivated. This along with seeking quick answers to reintegration i.e. leave it up to social agencies means they are doomed to fail.
    Focus only on those who show genuine motivation and support reintegration that includes the community (probably churches because there the only ones interested in helping). Its a community issue and only the community can solve it.


  4. Just this week I attended two Parole Board hearings where both people were stood down because Corrections had not provided any rehabilitation programs. Quite where all the money goes is a mystery because there seem to be scant few programs.
    I guess the reality is that Corrections is a growth industry and it is in the interests of their own job security that they keep the revolving door policy well oiled and cranking.


    • Totally agree Brian. As I said earlier “Reducing reoffending is not on Ray Smith’s agenda and never will be” and only those with heads in sand will disagree.


  5. Failed programs are not just a problem Corrections has.

    Youth Organization Workshop in Rotorua
    I was at a Youth Organization Workshop in Rotorua a few weeks ago,
    Judge Louis Bidois was the Key Speaker. Part of his speech was
    regurgitated 18th Century Psychology and he applied it to Today’s Youth. Most of the audience [100 Government Funded Groups] seem to go along with it. None seem to realize [Including Judge Louis Bidois] that it has been obsolete for decades and using any part of it was setting youth up for failure.
    Checkout our table below with 21st Century Solutions on it


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