3 comments on “Victoria university criminologists highly critical of Probation Service

  1. Thank you for this article. I was a probation officer for 32 years and prior to that worked in a prosecution service and the largest criminal practice in Wales. Most of this article is true in that the service’s risk assessments were flawed and the ticking of boxes,became the prime existence of the department.

    When everything else failed new policies were adopted to maintain an appearance of helping the offender. Reporting requirements and other special conditions did not inhibit ‘re offending but probably increased it. Managers were appointed from outside the service who didn’t have a clue about managing offenders. The turnover of field officers was a constant and senior officers were treated as dinosaurs. The failure of the business model became very apparent its early stages. The basic training of new entrants was inadequate sporadic.

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  2. The ‘What Works’ mantra will always prevail because the Criminal [In]Justice System is operated by politicians and overpaid civil servants (at our expense) and as you would be aware from your many years experience that system is designed on the ‘revolving door’ model. Once you enter that system it has you for life and expects you to return to prison as soon as practicable after each release – which is precisely why the (unhelpful approach) release methodology exists.

    Politicians prefer to take advice on Corrections Policy from an uneducated loudmouth farmer so chances of them listening to an academic perspective is less than zero.

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