4 comments on “Scott Watson wants access to the media, but just got deleted from wikipedia

  1. I have just been on the page and edited a small section of it myself, namely, the preposterous claim that Watson “…is expected to be released in July 2016”. Obviously, nobody knows when (or even if) he will be paroled (not “released”) because the Parole Board has not made that decision. I also consider, from the extremely poor grammar and syntax and my experience of cops’ lack of written English skills, that my theory above is now strengthened.


  2. Scott will not be released in the near future unless the corruption that lead to his conviction is exposed and corrected .
    DI Rob Pope led the corrurt investigation , and just as he did on his next big case (Op Porta) he led the investigation away from the truth which led to wrongful convictions .
    Oh , a correction to the original post , Scotts appeal to the Privy Council never made it to England , it was blocked before reaching that far …..the PC would have obviously over turned the conviction as the actual evidence points AWAY from Scott , not towards


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