3 comments on “Information about corruption and controversial NZ murder cases deleted from Wikipedia

  1. I had factual and referenced material about Paula Bennett removed, several times. As there seemed to be no right of appeal against the unterwikifuhreren, I ended up giving up. Although I can’t prove it, I am in no doubt that our government uses our money to turn wikipedia into a propaganda service for their members.


  2. I’m an experienced Wikipedia editor. You will be able to get this stuff to stay. So long as it is accompanied by a citation from a credible source, if someone or someones continue to remove it, you can appeal to an administrator or the arbitration committee (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Dispute_resolution). Accounts persistently used to remove information according to some bias will be blocked.

    Yes it takes effort, and material may disappear in the short term, but overall it works because there are many more editors interested in accurate / well-covered articles than biased ones.


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