4 comments on “Prisoner dies when guards too busy to help – the case of Anna Kingi

  1. I clearly remember, with horror, the screams of pain coming from a cell at Waikeria after lockdown (when women were housed there prior to the new facility opening at Wiri). She was suffering from kidney stones and the only contact she had during the entire night was a guard asking her if she was okay through the window and the obligatory, and now infamous, paracetamol being passed through the window to her. No doctor, no nurse…until the next morning when she was rushed to Waikato Hospital. I was horrified at the barbaric nature of the whole episode and hoped to hell I would never fall into that terribly frightening, lonely experience. Just another form of punishment…not too dissimilar to the way young unmarried mothers were made to suffer without pain relief during labour to teach them a lesson.


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