2 comments on “Judicial insanity – man sent to prison 38 times – Steven Bunyan

  1. Damn the comments on this blog are spot on, to send steve back to prison when he should be checked out after this long in the system is beyond me. Igrew up with steve and he has done a 6-8yrs in 1 go and they didnt help him that much then and to keep sending him back is not going to help him but that judge knows him so as long as he keeps seeing that judge he will just keep sending him back to jail with no help.


    • For any man to change, is has to be a heart decision. He has got to want to make that new break and want a better life. For sure it is true…What does jail do for anyone? First…it should make one look at themselves and see the bigger picture. However he has no one to be accountable for, does he have children? Would that make him change? Anyway…its a clear view that doing the same thing over and over and over again does not bring any change…what it really is, is insanity. Repeating the same thing over in your life is insane…We should all want to change, no one should ever not want to change, because it is insane!!! He may not see it? or he may want to change, just dosent know how!! We cant walk through our lives blaming our pasts, I came from the same background and done the same things..maybe not to his extent. But we do have to let go and forgive issues and past mistakes. Or it will take and make you do the same mistakes. He has got to want to change and acknowledge…


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