7 comments on “The research on familicide all points to Robin Bain as the killer

  1. Well said Roger, although I personally don’t believe it’s possible to be both a Christian and a Freemason. I have come to this conclusion both by examining the doctrines of both belief systems, and by personal conversations with two current Christians (according to their own claim) who are ex-Freemasons.


  2. David Bain did not have an identified motive, did not have a mental health disorder and did not commit suicide. Robin Bain did, or had, all three. In every single aspect of this case, it is Robin Bain rather than David Bain, who fits the profile of the typical perpetrator of familicide, followed by suicide.

    The summary say’s it all and as history has shown is the same pattern every time.


  3. Hi Roger.

    One word – “‘Freemasonry”. If you dig deep enough you will find the Origins of the Bain Family Tragedy are intricately associated with this very ”Demonic” Secret Society!


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