3 comments on “Torture in New Zealand 1 – the so-called At Risk cells

  1. Yes this is a not new in NZ prisons, the staff are not trained to deal with people who suffer from depression etc.. But I found the worst thing was their was no empathy for them either, they were simply thrown in a cell and left to rot. I knew an inmate named Jamie Amohanga a young man barely 19yrs of age who was being beaten by prison guards and hung himself to escape the beatings, juvenile inmates beaten and abused by officers for not making their bed roll properly or marching out of beat. In 1998 at Waikeria prison numerous mental health patients were transferred there and they were kept in their cells for 23 hrs a day. Their screams and banging would go on all night and the indignity of having everything removed from your cell made their circumstances worse. They are guilty of crimes against humanity.


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  3. He was a good person this makes me so angry to read this! He was a young man who was mistreated by the system, and didnt deserve to be beaten!!! I hope who ever did this gets what they deserve!!!! I knew him as a child and concidered him my brother , this is outrageous!!


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