5 comments on “Criticism of sensible sentencing trust deleted from wikipedia

  1. Very Good Points Roger. I didn’t realise others felt that Mcvicor wasn’t always or even often, helpful to the cause.



  2. Thank you Roger for having the balls to call McVicar out, the darling of the sound bite. If SST began focussing on the ‘sensible’ part of their name and started demanding rehabilitation and education for prisoners, recidivism may actually reduce. I agree SST is doing nothing to make NZ safer in fact I think the opposite is true, mental health is not a behavioural issue to be dealt with by harsher sentencing.


  3. I’ve just stumbled upon this article… the issue of censorship and ridicule smacks of a sinister side to New Zealand culture, a bind between hidden agenda and political clout. How to achieve a constitution and separate our legislature from the PPP’s— the Populist Puerile Politicians (and Press)—is in my mind our biggest challenge for the coming decades.


  4. I am a convicted sex offender listed in SST’s database. Most of the data listed on me is either out of date or totally inacurate. To this day I have not reoffended and I passed an extensive series of counciling sessions with a senior psychologist of The Probation service who recommended that I forego doing the Stop programme. I am totally sorry for what I did, I wrote and published the only book in the world written by a convicted sex offender on how to deal with temptation. Probation gave permission for me to use a computer connected to the Internet to complete the book whilst still on probation. SST have on their web page an option to have your entry removed if you satisfy certain requirements, I feel I qualify for this. Strangely the option remains but is blanked out, so you can’t click on it. It seems to me that offenders cannot redeam themselves in the SST universe. Rehabilitate yourself with the aide of reputable professionals is not enough for them. I have evidence of CYF granting me custody of my children to present to them in support of my case, but even that is seemingly insufficient to persuade them! Most unfair!


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