9 comments on “Nurse suspended on full pay for 18 weeks for giving a prisoner Raro

  1. typical the way management twist things to suit them selves this type of bullshit goes on all the time and the call it rehabilitation a dog in the local pound would be treated better, officials in oyr prison system need the arses kicked


    • Hi Peter… please see the ‘other Peters’ comments above. At Richards inquest Peter made the comment ” That if the OCF was a dog pound it would be closed down”.
      Both Peter and I are still trying to kick arse….


  2. It sounds as if a thorough investigation of the health care at the Otago Prison is long overdue; who might be interested do you think? Does the health & disability commissioner’s office know about this?


  3. Thank you Nurse Wilson. Thank you for ‘speaking out’ about the way prisoners are treated within Otago Correctional facility, especially their health needs being ignored.
    My brother Richard Barriball was on remand and had been in the care of OCF for 1 week when he committed suicide. He had a serious injury to his arm, which had required 3 recent operations. As a result he suffered constant nerve pain and had little movement/use of his arm and hand.
    When ‘admitted’ too OCF he was still in considerable pain and Tramadol was denied. According to the prison file Tramadol was reinstated when Richard spoke with a Dr and complained he was in considerable pain and Tramadol had been more effective in managing his pain. This was 2 days before his death. However this medication was then not given to him on at least 2 occasions. It states in his prison file “Meds not given due to staff shortages”.
    Other pain medications had also been prescribed by specialists at the hospital, and had also been denied to Richard during his week in OCF.
    As a family we were sure there was a lot of ‘cover up’ within the prison after Richard died. We strongly believe he would not have committed suicide if he had been given appropriate pain medications.
    So agai, Thank you Nurse Wilson, and Roger for advocating for prisoners, and speaking out about the injustices prisoners face.
    I hope beyond hope that somehow things will change for prisoners, that they are treated with humanity and dignity, and their human rights are upheld.


    • PLEASE get in touch with the Health & Disability Commissioner’s office about this; I know it is possible to make a 3rd party complaint, cos I’ve done it….otherwise, they’ll never know & things won’t change. The H&DC can make a huge difference.


      • Thanks for your reply Tricia. I will follow this up. If I am able to make a 3rd party formal complaint I will. Cheers.


  4. The very comment I made at Rick’s inquest.
    I have just written to Jack Harrison, Jeanette Burns, Ray Smith, and Anne Tolley seeking answers to some questions not answered at Rick’s inquest, I also sent a copy of the questions to the ODT as they reported on Rick’s inquest, and have just done a glowing article on “the Milton Hilton”, and suggested they check out this site for the other side of prison life


  5. Thank god this nurse has spoken out about the appalling behaviour that is going on at OCF, why is it being allowed, who is governing this place?? Is the Nursing Council and Health and Disability aware what is going on in this place?. What has happened to this nurse, I bet she will never recommend any other decent and honest and professional nurse to ever work for the Department of Corrections. How do the Managers of these places sleep at night because if they are allowing this behaviour they are equally to blame for the disgusting practice shown by these so called nurses.


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