4 comments on “Corrections Department’s treatment of Stewart Murray Wilson

  1. Send him to stay with Judith Collins or Ann Tolley as they are the ones who thing locking people up and throwing away the key is the answer.


  2. Finally I hear a voice of reason. This whole attitude really disturbs me but I haven’t got as far as being able to put words to that. Just a very sick feeling in my stomach. Something is very wrong here.


  3. I know this is the elephant in the room, but I wonder about whether some form of castration might be an option for recidivist sex offenders?


  4. Sounds like another typical failing of “Corrections” and their continual inability to make any attempt whatsoever to do their job effectively. Using the excuse that Murray Wilson isn’t remorseful and therefore doesn’t qualify for counselling defies logic. To spend 18 years in prison in isolation with only 4 hours of negative counselling also defies logic and is totally absurd.
    The Wanganui population’s reaction is typical of many New Zealander’s that seem to have medieval tendencies resembling a witch hunt, lynch mob attitude when dealing with crime and punishment. I would say “moral panic” is putting it mildly. No doubt this man will now be labelled the beast of Wanganui and Blenheim.
    The best way to rehabilitate any person that has done any criminal wrong is to help them recover, allow them to understand their mistakes, make them feel like a human being that has made mistakes that need to be addressed and acknowledged. Not ostracise them further with prison isolation, treat them like a leper and shun them both inside prison and outside in the community.
    Nobody finds sexual abuse tasteful, but the fact is it happens much of which is hidden.
    This man has spent 18 years locked up, prior to that his life seems to have been equally depraved. Prison has done nothing to educate, rehabilitate, assist his failings or address his mental problems. If this man does re offend it will be largely due to “Correction” and their incompetence. The New Zealand government needs to change the policies with regard to counselling, the Judicial system also needs to change with regards to counselling and the government needs to spend more on training experienced counsellors that address the needs of those in prison or preferably within the community to avoid sending them to prison.


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