One comment on “The IPCA – police watch dog is a real puppy

  1. If the death toll over the past ten years of prison deaths, police pursuit deaths, or detained people were a fraction of these figures this still would not make the system acceptable. It is true that many suicide attempts are prevented by prison wardens that intervene, it could also be argued that if a person is determined to end their life they will do whatever they can to do so.But if a person feels so desperate that they are contemplating this notion it would be an indication that they have a serious mental health issue that need help, not ignorance or aggressive policing or punishment in isolation in prison. If the crimes of all the people that had committed suicide were examined it would indicate that most had not committed very serious offences such as Richard Barriball, therefore the futility and sad waste of any life should not happen, and would possibly not happen if people were treated as human beings and given the help they clearly need. In order to do this the police and Corrections health system and policies must change.

    The IPCA is supposedly an independent police investigatory body that states anyone can complain on it’s website, it is actually a government body which would be governed under the guidelines of the Ministry Of Justice. It is therefore not independent of the Judicial processes or the aggressive government policies,nor the policing policies or judicial processes. It is another government body that serves to question and examine complaints but rarely implements positive action or change that is purposeful. As you say Roger it is another watchdog that doesn’t help the complainant.

    If the police have carried out their job and cause a death as a result of it in a police pursuit, this will be deemed acceptable because they are carrying out what Judith Collins and the government policy dictates as crime prevention, the policy is the way to stop a wayward driver is to chase them relentlessly which may cause a crash, injury and sometimes death as a result. More often than not car pursuits are carried out with teens driving, either it is the theft of a car, a drunk or drug user or thrill seeker so the pursuit further fuels a dangerous situation which should be avoided at all costs. It is true that the adrenalin kicks in for the person fleeing, the flight and fight scenario takes place, this applies to the police driving and also the driver fleeing. Somehow his doesn’t seem like sensible behaviour from a law enforcing point of view. It is more often irrational, charged up aggressive police who get a thrill out driving at high speed, often encouraging and inciting a dangerous situation, sometimes in adverse weather conditions, built up areas and at high speeds. Often the police do not carry out the due processes they are supposed to and often there are no witnesses to argue, or evidence there to prove their actions are dangerous, which is nothing more than aggressive incitement on their part that serves no purpose other than to endanger lives.
    Judith Collins justifies the police pursuit policy in this recent article: –

    My concerns are that Judith Collins and people of this same mind frame actually believe that: “The message has to be that it’s just not worth it to run. This sentence implies that people stop to think before embarking on fleeing in a police pursuit! Judith Collins believes that anyone who runs from the police or gets in a car and drives erratically will stop to think rationally or of the consequences! It is nonsense to believe that people who act in the moment understand this message. It is nonsense to expect irrational people to comprehend the safety issues or any other issue if they are not in their right mind. The other matter of fact is this, sometimes people flee the police just out of fear not because they have done anything wrong at all. There have been cases when totally innocent people have run away and been shot or apprehended by the police. It is not always fair or justified to assume a person has committed a crime if they run away or drive away erratically from the police. If there’s a situation when a person runs because they panic the police are inciting criminal behaviour by pursuing the chase.Therefore it isn’t a case of the police being damned either way at all, it is a case of the police doing what is right which is preventing deaths occurring from not initiating a police pursuit.

    If the pursuit wasn’t initiated then these deaths would not have happened.Nobody deserves to loose their life from this bizarre practice. You cannot justify these deaths because Judith Collins believes the police have to stop criminal behaviour with this practice and that this practice justifies risking peoples lives for the sake of catching a thief, drug user, someone who is drunk or in this recent situation two deaths over the misuse of a laser light. Really Judith has distorted notions of how to stop or prevent crime, obviously she really believe those lost lives were justification for the criminal behaviour that took place and that the police were just doing their jobs. I wonder how Judith Collins and this government believe that condoning and being responsible for upholding this killing policy is all in the call of duty. Nor can the police diminish or justify the fact that because only a small minority of deaths occur result out of police pursuits it makes it right. It is not an acceptable trade off even one death, it is one to many for the sake of a stolen car or intoxicated driver.

    The government needs to take a good look at teenage behaviour and teenage brain development, perhaps if they understood that wayward teens who misbehave are not always criminals fleeing or if they are they do not deserve to have their life destroyed.The aggressive policing and manner in which the judicial process deals with teens is now under review. The system as it stands does everything it can to produce as many teen criminals as possible, it encourages and cultivates a criminal teen with the way it it deals with wayward behaviour. It does little or nothing to prevent it, it does little or nothing to implement positive psychology or holistic treatment with positive benefits that it should adopt, this stance would reduce teen crime, reduce recidivism, cost less to the tax payer and most importantly prevent loss of life, and enable wayward teens to become responsible adults. Every person in prison was once a child and teenager, most of them would not be there if they had been treated differently by the system.


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