6 comments on “The ritalin rules in prison

  1. “Mr Wills is likely to relapse to methamphetamine or other drugs as soon as he gets out. He needs to be stabilised now – while he’s still in custody.”

    Do you mean stabilized on drugs Roger? All that labeling and diagnosing has done nothing for society except put more people on psych drugs. Maybe it’s time you lot learnt how to get someone off drugs and rehabilitate them without all the labels and diagnosing. I watched your clip, and I can see you are concerned about the problem but most of what your doing has been obsolete for decades. I suppose you have to go along with it all to get along. If your ever in Rotorua come and see me and ill show you why.


  2. Most serious mental illnesses benefit from medication. A biochemical imbalance cannot be treated effectively with psychotherapy or religion – and scientology is totally discredited.


  3. Would an accurate headline be “Corrections is breaking the law on a widespread basis by refusing medication to inmates”? If so what could be done to get this changed?


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  5. I agree with the issues of Adult ADHD but Ritalin is just a bandaid to the problem and has its own longer term issues. I don’t buy the “biochemical imbalance” story at all, any half serious investigation into this reveals the faulty logic behind that claim. There are alternatives to Ritalin – the late Bruce Mackay ( ex director of lifeline) had amazing results in adult ADHD using neurofeedback techiques , trouble is they cost far more than Ritilan but the results are permanent.


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