6 comments on “Garth McVicar clones himself as a woman

  1. Thanks for another insightful post. I have always thought that Garth McVicar’s opinions were damaging correct perceptions on crime. I didn’t consider how his constant presence in the media was affecting New Zealand society’s ability to feel safe. That is so unjust. Looking forward the next post.


    • Hm. I am a Belgian. Gay. Married. Our Prime Minister, PhD of Science and University Professor, is gay. Our Minister of Education is gay. I read that Mr McVicar (Honni soit qui mal y pense!) expects
      crime to increase after gay marriage. I think crime might rise if Mr McVicar rants on, that is to say, a
      wise man or woman might punch Mr McVicar in the obnoxious face, and then hang him by the balls.


  2. I agree that media reporting often leaves a lot to be desired, and that public perceptions often don’t reflect reality. However I question your selective use of “overall crime” and “murder” rates to say public concerns are unfounded.

    Police statistics show rates of violent crime resulting in injury are bucking the trend and increasing, albeit slightly. This is exactly the type of crime people most worry about.



  3. The police stats you provide show a 47% drop in the murder rate from last year, a 4% drop in attempted murder, a 3.9% drop in assaults, and a 13.6% drop in other acts intended to cause injury….


  4. Sure. And as I’m sure you know, two data points don’t make a trend. The graph later in the stats show the murder rate is highly variable from year to year.

    “Serious assaults resulting in injury”, while slightly down since ’08/09, are not trending down in the same way as other crimes.


  5. I am sure Mr McVicar would rather work his farm and babysit his grand kids than to tend to another media interview following a horrific attack. The fact that his voice seems to be the only one being heard on behalf of the victims speaks volumes of the despicable neglect given to victims of crime and their families. I know as i have been there. Media in all its forms rely on sensationalism to sell its advertising space, which is obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary idea of how media works. However this does not negate the responsibility of the justice system to address the calls for victims for better representation or for sentencing to reflect the seriousness of the offending. In the case of the 16 year old who raped this girl this should be the death penalty in my opinion.


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