One comment on “Illiterate prisoners not allowed to attend rehabilitation

  1. When I was in Detention Centre in the 1970’s, there was an educational class one night a week. In my first week there, some idiot paid as a Department of Justice tutor began to give a maths lesson. He began by claiming that a circle had an area of 2πr. When I pointed out to him that this couldn’t possibly be right because it wasn’t even dimensionally correct, he reported me and spent the next eight or nine weeks telling lies about his sexual exploits, the dope he smoked, how fast his trailbike was, how many fights he’d won and the number of trout he’d caught which were over the official world record size. I lost a day from my remission, while I can only assume he is now very high up in the Department of Corrections. In other words, while illiteracy is a real problem in our prisons and society in general, I don’t think anyone in Corrections is likely to be able to run a decent literacy course. I know people who would teach prisoners for free but aren’t allowed any contact because of our idiotic refusal to believe in any sort of redemption.


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